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Maximizing Your Child’s Time at Church

One easy and effective way to maximize your child’s time at church is to “bring it home.” Sunday programs (Children’s Worship or Sunday School) are just warm-ups for the week. Children come to learn about God on Sundays, but in order for the lessons to stick long-term, kids need opportunities to discuss the lessons during the week at home.

Here are two easy to use resources for parents to “bring it home,” one for Children’s Worship (Sunday, 9:30am) and one for Sunday School (Sunday, 11am).

1) Gospel Story Bible Curriculum (Children’s Worship, Sunday 9:30am)


Bring it Home: Family Devotional Books

The curriculum is accompanied by two family devotionals called Long Story Short (Old Testament) and Old Story New (New Testament). These 10 minute devotionals match the church lessons week by week! You can do family devotions once a week, twice a week, five times a week, or whatever works for you. But now it’s easy to bring the conversation home!

2) Gospel Project (Sunday School, Sunday 11am) 

Bring it Home: Gospel Project Family App (iOS & Android)

The app provides a unit introduction, simple family activities, and links to Bible story videos, key passage songs, and fun games.