VBS 2016 Day 4

“We know what real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us.” 1 John 3:16

Welcome to day 4 of Cave Quest VBS 2016! Today’s Bible Story came from Luke 23:1-24:12: the story of Christ’s death and ultimate victory over the grave. Our Bible Point for the passage was Jesus gives us love.

Here are today’s snapshots:

Kids and helpers alike take to the stage to sing praise to the Lord! PC Audrey Wong


Game time for preschoolers! In a variation of Freeze Tag, the frozen represents sinners that must be saved by a “Jesus”. PC Audrey Wong


For the elementary students, two friends at a time attempt to carry a beach ball between their hips from one half of the fellowship hall to the end. PC Audrey Wong


Elementary kids also played a second game, where they pretended to build a house with cotton balls, representing Cave Quest’s mission to help those in need of a home. PC Audrey Wong


Teacher Sherry wears all of today’s donations as glowworms. Today, we raised an astonishing $100! Thank you for all the generous support! Tomorrow is the last day for donations in VBS, so please help us make one final push towards our goal of $400 (enough to build a home for one family)! PC Audrey Wong


Teacher Eric gives a visual example of the corroding power of sin in our hearts, which leaves us broken in two, only to be replaced by a new heart given by Jesus. PC Audrey Wong


Lunch time! Hot dogs for kids and small group leaders as everyone prepares for Carnival. PC Audrey Wong


A new addition to the Carnival: a craft station! PC Bryant Passage


Children dig for treasure hidden under packaging peanuts in the game Pit of Peanuts. PC Bryant Passage


Kids make a splash in Water Balloon Toss. PC Bryant Passage


A huge thanks to the man behind the Carnival: Christopher Lin! Without his guidance and dedication, this spectacle today would not have been possible. PC Bryant Passage


Thank you all for another great success at Cave Quest VBS 2016! Don’t forget that tomorrow’s VBS starts at 6:30 pm and dinner starts at 5:30 pm. Also, don’t forget to bring the whole family for a night of singing, playing, and fellowship. Please also keep the Kid-to-Kid project in your minds and in your prayers. May God bless you.

Kind regards,

The VBS team